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founded in 2014

Food Whisperers Inc. is a not for profit organisation with an aim to raise awareness of healthy eating, cooking and growing of food through educational programs.

Food Whisperers hope to shift attitudes and behaviour towards healthier lifestyle choices by engaging the whole community across all demographics and ages; this will help to develop the knowledge and confidence to cook, grow and make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

There is a massive gap between what people are consuming and where their food actually comes from, how it is grown, cooked and eaten. Food Whisperers aims to fill that gap, bringing back basic cooking and growing skills, reconnecting the community with food and reigniting people’s passion about eating real food.

There has been so much research over the past decade that has linked to the decline in home cooked meals, the increase in buying take away and ready to eat meals and the increase in highly processed chemically laden foods with chronic illness, our diet is also connected to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, joint problems, loss of eye sight and more.


To connect and engage the people of our community through focused programs that teach cooking skills and good nutritional choices to non-cooks regardless of age, demographic or ethnicity thereby improving their quality of life and health. 


The primary aim is to raise awareness of healthy eating, cooking and growing of food through educational programs.

Through networking, communication and connectedness Food Whisperers intends to reach all sectors of the within community and make a long term positive change to peoples’ lives.

the foodie family

Food Whisperers Inc. is run by Board and Committee Members, Volunteers and Sponsors. Three of our Foodie members are ambassadors for Food Revolution Central Coast.


Judith Leahy (President)
Angela Roche (Vice President)
Dr Shyamala Mohan (Food Scientist/Dietitian)
Kirsty Smallwood (Dietitian/Holistic Chef)
Tema Guiney (Psychologist)
Steve Donk (Head Chef)

Position currently available: Administration Assistant